Scan Codes

Twirll platform generates QR codes for each product and business location

Print Media Analytics

Printable QR Codes in print media (flyers, posters etc.), when scanned, provides the analytics of customer footfall and purchase

Digital Media Analytics

Get the analytics of customers checkin in via emails, social media, mobile apps etc.


Auto-generated weblinks for each product and location will enable easy access to customers and provide analytics to business

How does it work?

Setup Location & Inventory

Setup business location and product inventory that will auto generate QR Codes and deeplinks

Distribute Scan Codes

Distribute scan codes and links via print media (flyers, magazines etc.) and digital media

Share weblinks

Share weblinks via campaign manager (Facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.)

Get Customer Insight

Get relevant information when customer checks-in, click links or scan QR codes