Your Privacy is important to us  

What do we Store ?


Email Address - When you create an account
Phone number- To validate the account
Contact Detail- When you update your profile


Financial Info

we DO NOT STORE users Credit/Debit Card details on our server, These details shall be directly input on PCI Compliance payment gateway and stored in encrypted format.


When you use find Store, your current location would be fetched and stores around you would be shown, when you login then we store your location subject to prior permission provided by you.

User Files

When you save your Photos as profile picture. Your profile photo is accessible by business with whom you have placed order or if you have followed them.

Who Do We Share With?

Ad Network

We DON'T share any information with any ad network.

Other App

We DON'T share your information with them.


We DON'T share your personal and financial data with government


We share your contact details with users. We also share your Location.

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