Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer Section

Q. Where can I find Twirll stores and how to buy products from these stores

Download our free mobile app “Twirll”, scan the QR code of the store or search them via various filter options available in mobile app. Also buy and search a wide range of products, check their availability in nearby stores and find the best prices

Q. What twirll offers to the buyers?

Twirll will connect you to various sellers in your locality. You can browse their catalogue, search products, buy products, see the offers, connect to the stores, follow the stores, manage your receipt and see your purchase history. Its a complete virtual shopping experience of all stores via your mobile app

Q. How safe is it to buy from Twirll

Twirll platform use safe payment gateway solutions (PCI Compliant) integrated via secure technology and doesn’t store the card information in Twirll platform, therefore you can safely buy from Twirll platform without worrying about financial information security

Business/Seller Section

Q. What is Twirll offering to its business customers?

At Twirll, we offer the following services:
  • An unmatched convenience to consumers and businesses through our state-of-the-art Digital Platform that include solutions such as Point-of-Sales, Business Administration, User Management, Location Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, analytical reports etc.
  • End-to-end business solutions to enterprises for optimizing their business processes.
  • Multi-channel sales to businesses

An uninterrupted social connection between consumers and businesses to help the buyers communicate more effectively with the company.

Q. How is Twirll different from the e-commerce marketplace?

  • For startups, Twirll gives you a much broader space in the digital universe compared to the e-commerce marketplace. While an e-commerce marketplace will only showcase your products, Twirll will put the spotlight on your business as well. Essentially, Twirll is much more than just a marketplace for your products and is committed to promoting your business with the help of our online marketing tools.
  • Most of the e-commerce companies promote their portal image while Twirll is all about showcasing your business.
  • E-commerce companies never promote small businesses while our sole focus is to help the companies gain recognition in the market and build customer traction for their products.
  • E-commerce companies drive traffic to their portal whereas Twirll only plays the role of a facilitator and routes the traffic to a company’s online store.
  • E-commerce does not facilitate in-store sales but we are devoted to promoting both, in-store as well off-store sales.
  • E-commerce does not allow you to sell on other social platform but we do.

Last but not least, the primary difference between Twirll and the e-commerce platform lies in our objectives. While e-commerce companies do not care about business automation and profitability, not only do we care about both these elements but also strive to give a leg up to your business with our unique, inventive features.

Q. How to market my business via Twirll?

We offer pre-defined templates, wherein you need to add your business details to get on with your marketing campaigns. By customising these marketing tools, you can float your advertisements via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, and give a push to your business and products.

Q. Why my business’ digital brand is important?

Tapping into the digital space is a much easier and cost-effective way to create a brand value compared to the traditional routes like word of mouth publicity or hoarding. Using e-mails as well as social networking sites is an inexpensive way of reaching out to your potential customers and pitching your products. At Twirll, we help you create an online presence with the help of our multiple marketing tools.

Q. When would a seller get the amount credited to his/her account after a product is sold via Twirll platform?

Once the order has been fulfilled / dispatched and Twirll has received the confirmation via status change, we will proceed with the payment process. We endeavour to transfer the payment to our sellers between 6-12 business days.

Q.How my business gets recognised on Twirll?

When a business registers with Twirll, we design a unique, printable QR (Quick Response) code embedded with all the necessary information about your business. This QR Code will allow your consumers to check into your store remotely from anywhere, any time. With the help of our customised marketing tools and your company’s QR code, you can float your advertisements across the whole spectrum of digital touch-points and build your brand.

We have another interesting tool called Location Business Service, which allows the businesses to tag geo-location to their location based objects to be readily visible to the consumers of digital store. The geo-location can be tagged to the store, digital catalogue, or even the products or items within the store.

Q. How can I open my store in Twirll?

In just three simple steps, you can unlock the world of opportunities for your business. All you need to do is
  • Log on to our website
  • Register yourself
  • Provide necessary KYC documents to create your online store

And you are all set to take your business to new heights with our innovative product features. For any queries, you can reach us at

Q. How long does it take before my online store is visible on Twirll platform?

It can take anything from few hours to few days, depending on how quickly a business provides necessary details to identify itself and its products. To help you get started, Twirll has provided all necessary tools to automate your business such as bulk upload of inventory, bulk photo tagging, among other features.

Q. What is multi-channel sales offered by Twirll?

The whole essence of branding and marketing campaigns is to boost your brand’s visibility and help you connect with your prospective customers. At Twirll, we try to give a push to your marketing efforts by increasing your brand’s visibility on multiple platforms.

Q. What is the cost of initial set-up in Twirll?

Here is the good news! The initial set-up cost on Twirll platform is zero. We encourage our customers to use various on-boarding tools such as inventory upload tools, photo tagging tools, among others, which do not carry any cost. We also offer “Twirll business consulting” to help you with various onboarding tasks to help you streamline your business. You can contact us at to get a quote on business on-boarding.

Q. How can I manage my day-to-day operations activities with Twirll

Apart from our responsive desktop application, we have provided “Twirll Biz”, a free mobile application for business users, which can be downloaded from Apple store and play store