Cookies Policy






What Are Cookies?

Cookies are simple text files. They are needed to help navigate automatic logins, Password authentications, shopping cart functions. personal preference settings and variety of other functions. Cookies make these functions smooth and hassle-free to the user 

What they do?

Cookies don’t search your computer for information. Cookies register the information you provide through your browser. When you enter personal and/or financial information on a website, the cookies store your information, both for ease of use on your next visit, and for ad tracking.
Information stored by cookies is usually encoded; it is protected from potential computer hackers by security features (which you, the website owner, have put into place.

Why we need them?

Cookies are necessary and enhance your browsing experience. Without cookies, you would have to reenter all of your information every time you revisited a site. A cookie will simply remember your information on the website to save you time.

What if you block Cookies?

If you block cookies then your session would not be active any longer and you would not be able to access server as it helps in identifying your identity and provide better browser response.

Cookies only store the information you provide. A cookie cannot “grab” your email address. A cookie can store your email address on the website—if you have typed in your email address, a cookie stores all information you voluntarily give when you visit a website.