A few words about us


Our Story

Embedded Business Solution is a collaborative effort of retail technology enthusiasts who wish to transform the retail sector through automation. Our partnership with enterprise retailers familiarised us with the bottlenecks that these businesses encounter on a day-to-day basis. So we set out to leverage our technical expertise to overcome these operational hurdles and allow the businesses to sell anything, anytime and anywhere, without any additional outlay.

It’s our endeavour to blur the distance between online and physical retail experience by engaging unique, futuristic technologies. Out cutting-edge technology solutions intend to re-invent retailing and build it around convenience; for the retailers, it would mean ease of product selection, supply chain and customer outreach, whereas for the consumers, it would mean a highly satisfying in-store experience, and freedom to shop while on the move. We wish to empower the retailers by facilitating 24*7 retail shops, omni-channel retailing, and allowing them to source everything on their own. Cost was a major challenge in the way of our efforts towards making our product accessible to the smallest, high-street retailer; however, thanks to the cloud solution, we can cater to retail enterprises around the globe and help them reach users across multiple touch points.