Welcome to Twirll! Are you a start-up and want to build a retail application? You are at right place! All you need is a mobile phone and inventory, rest Twirll will do it for you. And that’s just not it, Twirll provides much more.

Twirll Overview

Twirll is a cloud based digital platform for retail businesses based on a PaaS(Platform as a Service) model. Twirll platform provides businesses to build highly scalable enterprise applications. Twirll provides services to businesses and consumers like never before which is a surely a leg up on its competitors.

Twirll Cloud for Business

Twirll Cloud offers a highly secure, flexible and scalable solution as a service for business. It provides an economical solution for retailers with which they can

  • Enhance customer’s shopping experience.
  • Provide real-time information irrespective of location to its employees and customers.
  • Track customer’s sales and activities.
  • Improve business sales by predictive analytics.
  • Creation of loyalty customers.
  • Access anywhere anytime on mobile or web
  • Customer-centric business

Why use Twirll?

Today, in the world of highly competitive marketplace, customer-centric business is the key to success
which is doing business around the customer. Customer satisfaction becomes the primary goal. Ensuring customer-centric approach can be challenging for traditional systems. Twirll, on the other hand helps the retailers to meet this expectation.
Twirll is a single cloud based commerce platform for order management, inventory management, CRM, financials, Point Of Sale (POS)


  • Customer-centric business
  • Multi channel sales
  • POS(Point Of Sale) on mobile
  • Deep Customer Insights – Having a 360 degree view of customer is a win-win situation for both customers and business. Twirll maintains customer check-ins, recent customer’s purchases, purchasing frequency, product preferences. By looking at customers history and analyzing customer’s behavior, business can create offer personalized recommendations and offers.
  • Optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Twirll Cloud for Consumers

Shopping is so annoying when you are occupied with daily hectic routine. Going in the store, roaming around the aisles, searching for the product, shopping within the store-timings makes it so tedious and hard to shop. Twirll eliminates all these hassles and makes shopping so much easy. Our goal is that consumers can shop at their ease and can make shopping much simple.

With Twirll, consumers can :

  • Shop check-in the store anytime and from anywhere.
  • Scan QR code and buy the products online.
  • Search stores through zip code.
  • View and purchase products via digital catalog , pay securely and check-out from the store.
  • Shop wisely by looking at offers and promotions at store.
  • Connect with business via Social-Connect.

Twirll Cloud for Developers

Twirll Cloud provides numerous APIs to developers which enables them to create new custom APIs in a secure way to provide innovative solutions to end users.
To know our APIs in detail, please click here.

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